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Gastronomy news


Colourful, fresh and balanced

University of Zurich catering is part of every day for students, lecturers and other staff. We offer varied, seasonal cuisine at breakfast, lunch and in the afternoon, from light snacks to hearty meals. These include fresh menus, with a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, hearty snacks and beverages.

What’s on the menu today? Click here for an overview.

We are continually developing our offer and, thanks to cooperations, are able to provide appealing, new culinary highlights.


ViCAFE Irchel & Zentrum

As the result of a cooperation agreement with ViCAFE, since October 2023 we are offering a special coffee experience to our guests. The first staffed espresso bar is located at the ViCAFE Irchel on the Irchel campus (former Café Complet) and the second at the ViCAFE Zentrum at the Rondell Café in the Lichthof of the main building from April 2023.  

Around-the-clock catering

Smart Fridge «Nelli’s» at Tierspital, Rämistrasse and University Irchel

The Smart Fridge "Nelli's" offers a homemade, varied offer around the clock. Thanks to the ZFV’s self-service fridge,  students, employees and lecturers can stock up on fresh food, snacks and drinks from Monday to Friday well beyond the opening hours of the local gastronomy. The operation of "Nelli's" is as simple as it is fast and requires neither an app nor a registration.
Exact locations: Tierspital, Small Animal Clinic 1st floor |  Rämistrasse 74, Room RAI-E-041 |  University Irchel, UZI5 at the main entrance. 

Self-checkout at Cafeteria Zentrum für Zahnmedizin

From croissants to a Buddha bowl: hunger and thirst can hit when they want at the Cafeteria Zentrum für Zahnmedizin (ZZM) . The catering team are there to serve guests from 9:00 to 15:00. Students and staff can satisfy their hunger outside of staffed hours, 24 hours per day, five days per week, Monday to Friday, thanks to self-checkout tills. They can pay for a variety of fresh self-service sandwiches, buns, patisserie and fruit, as well as hot and cold drinks.


We can offer the appropriate catering, whether it’s for an in-depth workshop, creative catering for a standing buffet lunch, or canapés and drinks to celebrate successes. These are tailored to our customers’ needs. Find out more: Catering

Party service

What would student life be without a party? We’re happy to supply the right drinks for a casual celebration. It’s easy to order these by telephone or e-mail from the site in question.

Food 2050

Our guests are discovering how their choice of meal influences global warning as part of a joint pilot project with Food2050 at UZH’s Irchel campus. Find out more here.


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