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A clear plate

Menu Sustainability Index (MNI)

In the University of Zurich’s canteens and cafeterias, with the help of the Menu Sustainability Index (MSI) we ensure you have a clear plate. The scientifically based tool rates meals on the basis of nutritional balance and environmental friendliness.

Video explaining the Menu Sustainability Index in German. 

By listing allergens and nutritional values, our user-friendly "necta" guidance system provides complete transparency, meaning you can choose the menu that meets your personal needs. In the event of queries about allergens, or where more detailed information is required, our guests can consult one of our specialists on site.

The guidance system at a glance

Food 2050

#Food2050 at the University of Zurich’s Irchel canteen on the Irchel campus

The #Food2050 pilot project is moving into the next stage: since end of September 2022 all the menus in the UZH Irchel canteen will be analysed in order to calculate how much they contribute to global warming. Guests will be able to track the value on a live ticker (only in German). The aim is to heighten awareness of environmentally friendly catering and together contribute to achieving the global maximum 1.5°C level of climate warming set by the Paris Agreement. The pilot project is being carried out by Start-up Food 2050 and ZFV enterprises.

Review of phase 1

The first stage of the project launched in the Seerose cafeteria at the start of January 2022. In conjunction with Food2050, the catering team created sandwiches, bowls, mueslis and more on site, with a minimum ecological footprint. An on-site ticker shows the number of environmental impact points. In this way, more than 36 million litres of water – corresponding to 972,000 showers – were saved during the spring term.