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What’s on the menu today and where?

Check here to find out what’s on the menu today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at the cafeterias of the University of Zurich. To guarantee that you always know when and where your favorite foods are being served, you can also subscribe to the various menu newsletters.

Guide system

Our guide system contains information about nutritional values and allergens. Use it to help you select your daily meals. Color-coded icons show you at a glance which menu will meet your needs. Please note that allergens are displayed for an entire menu, but not for the individual components. Thank you for your understanding.

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Exchange of side dishes
If you decide against vegetables or starches, you can alternatively choose a soup, a salad or apple purée.

Directive governing the purchase of discounted menus in UZH cafeterias:
Directive August 2023 (PDF, 177 KB)

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