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We bring transparency to the plate. With the innovative menu guidance system FOOD2050, we show the climate impact and balance of each meal. Based on the Climate Impact Model (CIM), the global warming potential of an individual meal and the entire menu is converted into degrees Celsius and communicated transparently via a live ticker. Additionally, our guests can see how healthy and balanced the menu of their choice is.  

We started a pilot project at the Irchel campus a year ago and introduced the system at the UZH Zentrum canteens during the summer holidays. We are now adapting all other establishments step by step.  

Read more about our sustainability engagement here (only in German). 

Nelli's – Catering around the clock

The Smart Fridge "Nelli's" complements the catering offering of the University of Zurich with a round-the-clock offering of homemade, varied meals and beverages. "Nelli's" is freshly filled daily by the cafeterias and canteens that are operated by ZFV and is available at the following locations: Tierspital, Small Animal Clinic 1st floor |  Rämistrasse 74, Room RAI-E-041 |  Uni Irchel, UZI5 at the main entrance. By the way, operation is quick and easy – without app or registration.

Tap water with commitment

Unlimited access to clean drinking water should not be a privilege. This is also the opinion of the non-profit association Drink & Donate, whose mission is to grant everyone this access. To support them we, as the catering partner of the University of Zurich, donate a third of the proceeds from "ZH2O züriwasser". Just 50 centimes per litre of regional tap water gives one person access to clean drinking water for a month.


Since 2022 we are offering our guests a special coffee experience through our cooperation with ViCAFE. The newest espresso bar is located in the Rondell Café in the Lichthof of the main building. See our Vicafé outlets at UZH.


True to the motto "Everything is possible" we will be happy to costumize your catering offer individually. We are looking forward to your order. You can find our catering documentation here: Catering

Please note that the organizers decide on a mask obligation. 

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Food 2050


How does our nutrition affect the environment? You can find out in the mensa.