Catering Philosophy

The ZFV’s catering philosophy is based on four main cornerstones:

1. Produced fresh on site
We produce our food fresh on site whenever the infrastructural situation allows it. We want our employees to get a feel for the products they offer their guests. Ideally, they should prepare, roast, steam, knead, bake and garnish everything themselves. That’s the only way for us to guarantee maximum freshness and quality, satisfy our guests’ every need and also respond flexibly to last-minute orders, special events and catering requirements. We are passionate about keeping convenience products to a minimum and only use them if appropriate and the use of those products makes sense for quality or operational reasons.

2. Individual offer planning
ZFV is an individualist among food service providers. Because we firmly believe that nobody is better acquainted with guests’ needs than an on-site team, we consciously refrain from centrally planning the culinary range we offer, such as for all facilities operated by a single customer or all facilities operated in a specific region. The individuals in charge of menu planning decide on the menus to be served locally at each of our restaurants. The guidelines set by the company offer them enough leeway to meet their guests’ needs to the best of their ability. That, in turn, gives our facility managers and chefs a chance to contribute their own ideas and put their own creative spin on the menus and items.

3. Multi-supplier system
The purchasing and procurement concept employed by ZFV is based on a multi-supplier system: ZFV collaborates with a variety of suppliers and partner companies rather than obtaining a specific product solely from one large supplier. When choosing its suppliers, it focuses not only on nationwide companies but also SMEs with regional operations.

4. Sustainability
ZFV pursues an integrated concept that attaches equal importance to factors such as regionality, seasonality, fair trade and environmental friendliness. Sustainability labels (Agri Natura, FSC, Sea Wealth Standard, etc.) are gaining importance and lend us credibility in the eyes of our guests. They are put to targeted use in our planning wherever reasonable. We place special emphasis on regionality. Procuring organic apple juice from overseas makes little sense if we can offer cider produced by our local farmers instead. Additionally, ZFV was named an official catering partner of Max Havelaar in January 2011.