Max Havelaar

The cafeterias of the University of Zurich are an official partner of Max Havelaar. Since sustainability is a core component of ZFV’s catering philosophy, the company has been an official catering partner of the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) since 2011. This partnership makes it possible for every guest to a University of Zurich cafeteria to indulge while still promoting fairness and fair trade.

With its catering philosophy, ZFV pursues an integrated concept that attaches equal importance to factors such as regionality, seasonality, fair trade and environmental friendliness. Sustainability labels like Agri Natura, Bio, Sea Wealth Standard and FSC are gaining importance and lend us credibility in the eyes of our guests. On the topic of fair trade products, ZFV will be sourcing its ingredients from Max Havelaar where it has been listed as an official catering partner since 2011. This partnership prompted the cafeterias of the University of Zurich to switch a portion of their product range to Max Havelaar and Bio Max Havelaar. This certified range of products includes coffee, bananas, orange juice, fruit juices and sugar. By making this change, ZFV promotes the purchase of ethical, environmentally friendly products. By the same token, guests who consume fair trade products also contribute toward improving the living and working conditions of numerous farmers in Africa, Latin America and Asia.